stretch ceiling price

Let’s talk about the price of the stretched ceiling.

    • We will never be the cheapest price because we respect our valued customers.
    • We will never be the most expensive price because we respect our valued customers.

– First of all we need to speak of the quality of a stretched ceiling membrane. There is different quality membrane. (Texture, Elasticity, Resistance, Color fade, Real glossy, Anti-Static).

There is many choice of stretch ceiling membrane today on the international market!

Then the geographic Origin of the membrane. ( Europe? China? India? ).

We can also speak about the tracks on the perimeter of the wall, these tracks are compatible if the customer need to access above the stretch ceiling and the membrane need to be removed?

These tracks are free to dismantle?

The membrane is the highest light reflection and transmission?

The membrane is made with 100% recyclable materials?

Who will install your stretch ceiling? A professional  certified and licensed? Or a sub-subcontractor?

How much does a stretch ceiling cost?

On average, it is best to plan on anywhere from $6* to as much as $10*+ per square foot. The cost will depend on the size of the room, the material being used, the complexity of the job, geographical location.

The best answer will be to us be on your job site and give you the real final estimate.

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