Stretch Ceiling New Technology


  • We have the latest technology in Stretch Ceiling.
  • We have the exclusive 3D perforated laser-cut shape stretch ceiling.
  • We have the exclusive Double Printed image on Translucent stretch ceiling membrane

The Stretch Ceiling or originally “The French Ceiling” is one of the most important applications of decoration in recent years. It is a special option that you can apply to every room by applying various color, shape, tone and texture possibilities.

Now you can bring to your desired shape on your 5th wall! Providing solutions suitable for use for 20-30 years ensures that it is preferred as a quality and economical application method for decoration, renovation and new construction as well.

Installed in a few hours, without the necessity of a construction site or a need to relocate during the installation.

This Non-rigid structure, absorbs shocks without being damaged. (no sharp material)

Available in more than 400 colors plus your choice of finishes and printed if you wish.

Suitable for ceilings and walls.

Easy to install and take down whenever there is a need or desire to make modifications.

Impervious to humidity, not affected by leaks or condensation.
No maintenance necessary.