Price by Sqf


The stretch ceiling membranes are not manufactured in USA.

Here, some weld the harpoon around the perimeter of the membrane but it’s only a glued rubber.

The most important main material is still the membrane herself.

The membrane is the most expensive cost because it comes from Europe.

The stretch ceiling is custom cut at the size of your room, is a unique piece and is not a type of products that you can find at the corner store and buy at the fixed price.

An estimate is always possible of course, if you provide information like location, number of angles, ceiling height… but the final price will be given upon an exact measurement and a visit on your premise.

Batica-Renov USA Stretch Ceiling will provide the best quality membrane, the thicker one, the most extensible one, the shiniest glossy and the odorless membrane.

The Stretch Ceiling membrane best quality are manufactured in EUROPE.

A fair selling price is our priority and it’s always a balance between keeping the best high membrane quality and the best services, the right installation, the good advice for an impeccable result.

We have done that since 1990.

We use only European Approved Membrane

The price of the stretch ceiling will vary from $6 and plus by Sqf. (Not Printed).

The cost will also depend on the size of the room, number of angles, your choice of finish, ceiling height, the support being used, the complexity of the job, geographical location, the number of insertions in the Stretch Ceiling.

Reflective, Matte, Multilevel, Backlit, Printed, Starry Sky, Suede, Chameleon, Pearl, Shinny, Mirror, Clear, Translucent, 3D level, Double Face view and more.

The price will lightly increase if you have any insertion, lights, A/C vents, chandelier or anything else inserted.

How can you save money?

Before you want to start your renovation, please contact us and let‘s talk about it.
We will provide some advice to you on your future stretch ceiling installation and save you money.

We use only European Approved vinyl Membrane.

plafond tendu a faire soi meme plafond tendu a froid Batica Renov France
Stretch Ceiling Glossy orange color
plafond tendu ? froid plafond tendu ? chaud prix
White Satin Stretch Ceiling
plafond tendu ? froid prix plafond tendu bordeaux
Reflectice Black Stretch Ceiling
plafond tendu avis plafond tendu pas cher plafond tendu leroy merlin
Stretch Ceiling white Glossy
plafond tendu prix plafond tendu Batica Renov France plafond tendu a froid plafond tendu a chaud plafond tendu lumineux
Stretch Ceiling brillant mirror
plafond tendu avis plafond tendu pas cher plafond tendu leroy merlin
Light grey Stretch Ceiling