Contractor and Stretch Ceiling

Contractors, what is the REAL COST of your DRYWALL final installation?

Hire a drywall contractor or do it yourself?

- Go to your drywall supplier
- Load enormous piece of drywall sheet
- Buy screws and Drywall Steel Studs & Framing
- Buy the mud, drywall tape and sandpaper
-Buy also the Primer, Paint with roller and Painter's Tape
- Cost of transportation and time
- Load them in the elevator (if applicable)
- Install the drywall the Drywall Steel Studs & Framing
- Cut the drywall and install them
- Cost of drywall lost and not use + Garbage bags
- Applying layers of mud and Drywall Tape
- Allow 24 hours for the mud to dry to begin sanding
- Install Painter's Tape
- Start applying the primer paint and wait hours
- Then apply a first coat of paint
- Wait few Hours
- Finally Apply a second coat of paint
- Remove all Painter's Tape

Have you ever think about how much the Drywall
ceiling really cost you by Sqf?

We install Matte finish Stretch membrane
and Satin finish Stretch Ceiling membrane
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